Somerset got a big victory over Surrey

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Somerset is a very popular franchise participant in the tournament of Royal London One Day Cup and like before, they have participated the 5th season of the tournament. Though, earlier they took part in the tournament when it was known by another name. But since the named was changed Somerset failed to win any title of it but in every season, they are still considered as one of the top rated team. They used to take part in the tournament as one of the South group team and in their first match in the season of Royal London One Day Cup, they faced Surrey. In the match, Somerset got a big victory over Surrey. In the all match, they simply dominated the ground.

Somerset got a big victory over Surrey

They did better than Surrey in all the sectors in the match. So, as reward, they got their first victory. They have still plenty of matches in hand and to secure their move to the next level. Every match will be same important to them. They have to win next matches to secure their place into knockout round.

Surrey is also a most successful team in the tournament and also they have experience of winning title of it earlier. So, they were not the underdog in the tournament as well. But it is true that they failed to make proper appearances against Somerset in their last match.

The match between them was executed in 18th May, 2018 at the Oval, London. In the match, Somerset won the toss and took an opposite decision. They let Surrey to bat first though we have seen that toss winning team in the tournament used to decide for bat first.

Jacks and Elgar started the innings for toss losing team Surrey. In five runs the opener Jacks was gone. In 11 runs Elgar was gone as well. Just one run later, Pope was out scoring 0 runs. They were under the pressure and no players did able to take the lead. Captain Burns scored 17 runs. Middle order players Foakes scored 21 runs and Curran scored 30 runs so far. In 35.2 overs team Surrey lost all wickets and in the meantime, they scored 129 runs so far. Overyton took four wickets where Gregory and Trego took two wickets each for the team Somerset.

The openers of the team Somerset almost led the team ahead where Myburgh scored 75 runs and Davies scored 12 runs so far. Myburgh and Hildreth remained not out till the last. In 21.3 overs team Somerset got the precious victory.

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