Significant improvement in ranking for Afghanistan

by Toqui Tahmid | Posted on Wednesday, December 30th, 2015 | 0

Its only been recently that Afghanistan is been playing cricket. They are yet to get their test status. But, somehow they have already made their way into the top 10 ranking. Its true that there aren’t that many countries playing Cricket but its also true that there are other teams that have been playing much longer and even have test stats.

Afghanistan triumphed them all and after only 14 years of contribution on the field after starting out as an cricket playing nation, they made it inside the top 10 ranking. This year has given a lot to the country as they played in the world cup for the first time and now they will be ending the year as the 10th ranked team.

Of course, if they loose the current series they are playing with Zimbabwe then they will be back to their number 12 rank but still, being in the top 10 so soon is really impressive for them.


Here is the ranking and the point of each team –

  1. Australia – 127 points
  2. India – 114 points
  3. South Africa – 112 points
  4. New Zealand – 111 points
  5. Sri Lanka – 104 points
  6. England – 101 points
  7. Bangladesh – 97 points
  8. Pakistan – 87 points
  9. West Indies – 86 points
  10. Afghanistan – 48 points


well, we hope the best for all these teams.

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