Kohli is the highest paid player in IPL

by Toqui Tahmid | Posted on Monday, January 4th, 2016 | 0

While the players changing clubs get to become the hot topics on getting high salaries and high transfer fees, the salaries on players that don’t get an auction and doesn’t move so often can keep their salaries hidden and it rarely comes out. In football the example would be Messi and Ronaldo. While Ronaldo made the world transfer fee record and came to Real Madrid, its always been Lionel Messi that is the highest paid.

Now, lets get back to our topic. In IPL the salaries of players that haven’t moved in a while is as good as hidden but the IPL committee has published a list indicating the Salary of every payer and some things came as a shock.

I guess, everyone was hoping that the India Captain MS Dhoni would be the player with the highest pay since he is the richest cricket player ever. However, the list included a totally different stats.


Its not Dhoni that is the highest paid local player, its Kohli. Some may see this coming but for others this is still a shock. Its true that the era of Dhoni is coming to an end while Kohli is starting out. He has been already named the test captain since Dhoni retired from test and some see him as the ODI and T20 captain after the end of this year.

Kohli is getting 150 million rupee per season from his club while Dhoni is supposed to get 125 million rupee from this season since his last team was banned for 2 years.

It was shown that Chris Hayle is the highest pai international player among these players.

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