India is in bat at Chelmsford

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If we consider as one of the most powerful cricket team in the World, team India is one undoubtedly. They are visiting England in recent time and according to the recent news, team India is in bat at Chelmsford. It is a first class three days match and team India is facing Essex now. The match was about to be four days but due to heavy heat wave in United Kingdom in recent time, it is reduced to three days. The match has staged at County Cricket Ground, Chelmsford and it is started in 25th July, 2018. Team India is in bat by winning the toss.

India is in bat at Chelmsford

The three days match is a preparation for team India where they have a Test series ahead of the team England. However, earlier they have played a T20I and ODI series against the local team England. They started the tour with victory. Team India won the T20I series but in ODI series they faced defeat against England. Both series consisted of three matches but their upcoming Test series consists of five matches. It seems that the Test series will be the main competition between the two superpower cricket teams.

However, in 25th July, 2018 the three days match between Essex and India has started where India is in bat considering the latest news. Thye have scored 322 runs by losing six wickets in 84 overs. It seems that the first day of the match has ended and team India yet to declare the innings.

Vijay and Dhawan started the innings for England where they decided to bat first by winning the toss. In 1 run, opener Dhawan was gone and in 5 runs Pujara was gone as well. Later, Vijay and Rahane played a bit but Rahane scored 17 runs so far. Finally captain of India Kohli came up. He made a log partnership with Vijay where Vijay scored 53 runs so far. Kohli played as a captain and added 68 runs. Later, Rahul and Karthik made another partnership that added more than 100 runs. Rahul scored 58 runs and gone by Nijjar. Karthik and Pandya finished the 1st day well and remained not out with 82 runs and 33 runs respectively.

In the first day, the match was played full 84 overs where team India lost six wickets and scored 322 runs. It seems that they will play almost the mid day of 2nd day and declare the innings. Coles and Walter took two wickets for Essex.

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