Dhoni might be arrested before Australia series

by Toqui Tahmid | Posted on Friday, January 8th, 2016 | 0

India captain may be arrested before the India team may play against Australia where most of the indian players are now.
There have been occasions when cricket players have been punished by the law for crimes but this time Dhoni might have to suffer because of 1 very wrong modeling photo.
Few years back, Dhoni did a photo shoot that compared him to a godas a product advertisement. They showed he having many hands like gods in hundu culture and they also included many products on each of those hands. That’s where things went wrong for the Indian captain.

One of the products that was displayed in his hands was show and someone named Jay Kumar Hiremath took this as a serious offending to their religion.
He went to the court saying that an ICON player like Dhoni should have been more careful with this sort of things and now he has offended the entire Hindu religion he needs to pay the price.
The higher court has said that they have let Dhoni go this time but the new appeal against that and now Dhoni might need to come in India in-front of the court to clarify things. Its still not clear through.

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