Danielle Wyatt, who proposed Virat Kohli, reveals what Indian captain told her when they met

by Ajit Singh Khanna | Posted on Tuesday, March 13th, 2018 | 0

For Indian cricket fans, Danielle Wyatt is not just an England cricketer. For them, she’s the one who proposed their country’s heartthrob Virat Kohli on social media.

For those unaware, Kohli got a marriage proposal from Wyatt following his 72-run knock against South Africa during the 2014 World T20.

“Kholi marry me [sic],” Wyatt had tweeted, sending Twitterati – especially those from India – into frenzy.

Kohli, who was already in a relationship with his now-wife Bollywood actress Anushka Sharma, wasn’t happy, it turns out.

“When we met, he said to me: ‘You can’t do things like that on Twitter! They take things seriously!’ I was like, ‘okay. Sorry!” Wyatt was quoted as saying by ESPNcricinfo.

However, Kohli ensured that Wyatt enjoyed a fangirl moment by gifting her one of his bats.

“The bat I hit the century with broke not long ago,” the 26-year-old added. “So now I’ll be using Virat’s.”



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