Bangladesh might be playing for the first time in India !

by Toqui Tahmid | Posted on Friday, January 1st, 2016 | 0

if you are a cricket fan who keeps modest look out for cricket then this title will surprise you. Even Bangladeshi and Indian cricket fans will think what the hell! whats wrong with this article. Doesn’t the writer know anything about cricket?

Well, while you are all correct on your prospective, i am also correct with mine. How, you ask? well its quite simple actually. Bangladesh has never played test in Indian soil and there is a chance of that happening very soon. Thus it would be the very first time that Bangladesh plays a test match in India. Hope, now the title makes more sense.

Now that we have the confusion away, lets get right into the news itself. The news of a test match or possibly a test series with India but neither the venue nor the exact dates have been published. There is a rumor that India is keen on holding the test at Eden Gardens and if that happens then this will be the very first time for Bangladesh to be playing there.


Bangladesh is been playing cricket for a while now and they have played test against every country. Not to mention that every test playing country except India hosted Bangladesh which even include Pakistan.

But, when we think about it, the first test of Bangladesh was against India and after these two teams played 7 more test matches. However, not even one of those was hosted by India since Bangladesh played those at their home ground.

However, unlike before when Bangladesh was just a weak team, nw things are different. Considering the recent form Bangladesh is in right now, any team will think twice before playing against them at their home soil. Perhaps, India is finally considering Bangladesh as an worthy opponent and thus decided to invite them to their country this time.

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