Arsenal worry about Sanchez

by Toqui Tahmid | Posted on Monday, July 31st, 2017 | 0
Concerned about Neymar in Barcelona, ​​Arsenal is worried about Alexis Sánchez. Because the striker did not return to Arsenal after the Confederations Cup. The fear of his presence in the club at the next season.
Although coach Arsène Wenger claims Sanchez will be in Arsenal. However, the chances of the Chilean skipper on Arsenal’s jersey in the coming season are gradually decreasing. According to the British media, Sanchez is raising the pressure on the club to release him.
Wenger said in this context, “Sanchez will be in Arsenal. He should respect the club’s contract. I had written him But due to the flu, he was delayed joining the team. He is joining the club next Tuesday.
Wenger’s tune was heard by Arsenal captain and Sanchez’s teammate, Marthsakara’s also. On Saturday night, he won 5-2 in the pre-season warm-up match against Benfica, but he lost 1/2 against Sevilla on Saturday night. Martesakara said, “Sanchez needs us. He played very well during the last season. This time he is an important member of our team.
In the last season, Wenger had a conflict with Sanchez. Speculation started before the end of the season, leaving Arsenal to join Bayern Munich. But during the Confederations Cup, Bayern said they were not interested in taking Sanchez.
British media claims that Manchester City, desperate to take Sanchez, The Chilean striker himself or Pep Guardiola wants to play coaching. Six years ago, the Spanish coach took him from River Plate to Barcelona. The next year, however, Bayern went to Munich, Pep. But Sanchez did not intersect with her.
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