Afghanistan Become 10th at ICC Ranking

by Toqui Tahmid | Posted on Tuesday, December 29th, 2015 | 0

Afghanistan played their first international cricket only 14 years ago. But on the current year they played ICC world cup for the first time. 2015 might be memorable for Afghanistan cricket. But the New Year might come to them will another good news at the month end of December. Afghanistan placing on No. 10 in ODI ranking after replacing Zimbabwe.

The achievement comes after defeats Zimbabwe as well. Last Friday Afghanistan defeats 49 runs in first ODI of 5 matches’ series. They have 48 ration points currently. But if they lost the series they will lose the place and replace their previous 12 no. At last October Afghanistan won their first Series against any test playing nation after defeats Zimbabwe.

Top 10 team in ODI


Ranking                Team                     Rating Points

1                              Australia               127

2                              India                      114

3                              South Africa        112

4                              New Zealand       111

5                              Sri Lanka              104

6                              England                101

7                              Bangladesh          97

8                              Pakistan                87

9                              West Indies         86

10                           Afghanistan         48

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