Hardik Pandya hits back at Michael Holding’s criticism after maiden five-fer

by Ajit Singh Khanna | Posted on Monday, August 20th, 2018 | 0

Michael Holding’s criticism of Hardik Pandya perhaps came at the wrong time.

The former West Indies fast bowler wasn’t impressed with the all-rounder tag that Pandya carries as he shrugged off comparisons made with yesteryear’s star Kapil Dev.

“Apparently they are playing Hardik Pandya as an all-rounder to help out with the bowling. When he bowls he isn’t as effective as he should be,” Holding was quoted as saying.

“I ain’t going to tell anybody he’s not going to be the next Kapil Dev, but he is nowhere near there yet. And they need to find someone who can contribute a lot more to this team right now.”

Just a couple of days after, Pandya came up with his best bowling figures, rattling the England batting order on Day 2 of the third Test match at Trent Bridge.

Ditching his habitual way of bowling back-of-length deliveries that haven’t really yielded desired results, Pandya pitched it full in helpful conditions on his way to a maiden five-fer.

And he didn’t shy away from making his point during the press conference at the end of the day.

“I have never wanted to be Kapil Dev,” Pandya said.

“Let me be Hardik Pandya, I am good at being Hardik Pandya, I played 41 ODIS and 10 Tests being Hardik Pandya, not Kapil Dev.

“They have created their era, let me be Hardik Pandya, let’s stop comparing me with anyone. My team is happy with me. Nothing else matters.”

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