5 Reasons Why Yograj Singh Should Not Have Lashed Out at MS Dhoni

by Vishal Gajaria | Posted on Wednesday, February 18th, 2015 | 0

Yograj Singh set the cricket world abuzz after making a controversial statement on his son Yuvraj Singh’s exclusion from the Indian squad for the World Cup 2015. Not only did he dart direct allegations on team’s skipper Mahendra Singh Dhoni, but also charged up saying that he will have to pay the price for it in the near future.

“If MS Dhoni is having personal issues with my son, I won’t do anything, God will do justice. Pray India wins World Cup under your captaincy (MS Dhoni) but nothing can be more sad that you behaved this way,” Yograj said.

Apparently, this statement did not go down well with the fans, who without any ado reacted on social media sites, turning up in support of MS Dhoni. Here, we state 5 reasons why Yograj should not have delivered such uproar.


Yograj insists that the reason behind his son’s exclusion from the squad is MS Dhoni. However, it is not Dhoni alone who short-listed a final 15-man squad, but the blend of selectors and team India’s captains (Dhoni and his deputy Virat Kohli). So, shooting allegations at Dhoni only was just not cool.


Yuvraj Singh was going through a substandard form before the World Cup 2015. His odds of making into the squad appeared bleak with many pundits ruling him out of the contention in the final line-up. Hence, Yograj turning up in support of his son at this point in time seems nothing but a self-interested choice.


Not many would second that. Yuvraj’s career is at a stake now. After his father’s controversial comments, Yuvraj is highly unlikely to make a return to the MS Dhoni-led side in the shorter versions of the game.


Yograj’s comments came in at the worst possible time. Team India are out to compete at the sport’s mega event, and only an adversary of theirs can poke in at this point of time. His statement is unquestionably going to perturb the Indian dressing room Down Under.


Being a former cricketer himself, Yograj defied sportsman-spirit. He is well-versed with the kith and kin of what happens on the international level and what not. He must be aware of the fact that it is not just the captain who decides the squad for a particular tournament; more so for the World Cup.

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