Wladimir Klitschko Smashes Kubrat Pulev In Round Five

by Rory Kernaghan | Posted on Sunday, November 16th, 2014 | 0

klitscko vs pulev fight video

Klitschko vs Pulev fight video “Dr Steelhammer” obliterates Kubrat Pulev in round 5…..

Lineal world heavyweight champion Wladimir Klitschko returned to action on Saturday November 15th, to face undefeated Bulgarian Kubrat Pulev. The fight began with a wild opening round, as Klitschko dropped Pulev to the canvas twice.

The second was a lot more of a controlled affair, but the third once again saw “Dr Steelhammer” open up with some serious power. A series of left hooks and right hands saw Pulev drop to the mat again in round three, and round four was somewhat slower than the previous three.

Clinching and stalling on the part of Pulev continued in to the fifth round, but Klitschko put an affirmative stop to that; a monstrous left hook to the side of Pulev’s head sent the gritty challenger to the ground, out before his head bounced on the canvas. No count was rendered, as Klitschko gave the Bulgarian powerhouse his first career loss (20-1).

The champion moves to 63-3 (53 KO) with the win in Hamburg, Germany, and is said to have made just shy of $6 million (USD). Pulev’s take home was said to be $1.45 million. The fight went down in the O2 world arena, and was broadcast in America by HBO.

Klitschko landed 38 of 89 punches , according to CompuBox . Pulev landed 25 of 110.

Here is the Klitschko vs Pulev full video and the round 5 KO

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