Tyson Fury’s explanation on why he’ll not fight Tony Bellew is scary

by Ajit Singh Khanna | Posted on Tuesday, May 15th, 2018 | 0

Last week, Tony Bellew stopped David Haye in a statement-making win and immediately called out Tyson Fury for a fight.

And the former unified heavyweight champion has blatantly rejected the offer – the reason? Well, it’s spine-chilling.

Fury, who hasn’t fought since stunning Wladimir Klitschko in 2015 and is scheduled to make his return next month, has said fight with Bellew would be like a Pit Bull trading punches with a Jack Russell.

“Tony Bellew’s a light-heavyweight slash cruiserweight at best, if I go in there and hurt him then what good is that, how does that make me feel?” Fury told FightHype.

“And all this thing that he could knock me out or whatever please – I’d let Tony Bellew hit me right there [chin] and he wouldn’t hurt me.

“So Tony, poor old Tony, bit like a feather duster, dustering me up and down. It’s like putting a Pit Bull down to a Jack Russell, it’s not fair is it and that’s what it’ll be.”

The 6’9” Fury further further warned Bellew, who stands six inches shorter to him, that he could seriously injure him if ever they lock horns.

“To be honest and this is speaking very, very honest and openly, I don’t want to fight Tony Bellew,” Fury went on.

“The reason being, he’s a family man and he’s got a wife and kids and I want him to stay healthy and stay boxing and earn a few quid and go easy to his family.

“But if he steps in ring with the Gypsy King and I unleash hell’s fire on him, he’s only a small man and I could damage him – hurt him properly.”

Fury’s made his point. Where does Bellew go now?






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