‘S*** himself’: Tyson Fury reveals what happened when he confronted Anthony Joshua after sparring

by Ajit Singh Khanna | Posted on Tuesday, May 7th, 2019 | 0

Tyson Fury has revealed he confronted rival Anthony Joshua during the latter’s days as amateur boxer following a sparring session.

Fury said Joshua had a good couple of rounds before being put on the back foot by the former’s slick moves. So much so, he claims, that Joshua was missing all his mighty swings and was lifting his legs at his corner.

“We’ve had a spar before,” Fury told Showtime (via worldboxingnews.net). “He was an amateur boxer at the time. He had a good couple of rounds. Then I started hitting him around the body.

“He was like this, lifting his legs up in the corner. There were ten people in the gym who saw him do it.

“I’m there with my hands down and flicking him, leaning out of the way. He’s coming forward with big swings. How’s he going to hit me? I said: ‘Go on then, put one on me, I’ll stand still for you’. He just can’t win. It was what it was.”

Fury further said Joshua backed off after he asked him if he wanted to take the fight outside.

“He seems pretty spirited, doesn’t he? But when I stood face-to-face with him and said, ‘Do you want to get outside?’ His a*** started flapping. He s*** himself!”

“It doesn’t matter what weight I was at the time. I wasn’t in shape but I’d have taken him outside and kicked his c*** right in for him.

“If a man said that to me – I don’t care if I was unfit or not – he’d be outside and punched. We’d have had to have a fight. Simple. I don’t care who he is or what he is.

“But I said that to him and he didn’t want to know.”

Fury, the former lenial heavyweight champion, and Joshua, the reigning holder, have long been in talks for a blockbuster fight, only for the negotiations to not materialize for one reason or the other.

While Fury is scheduled to trade punches with Tom Schwarz come June 15, Joshua recently announced he would take on Andy Ruiz Jr on June 1.

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