Muhammad Ali Posts Selfie On Instagram

by Rory Kernaghan | Posted on Wednesday, December 3rd, 2014 | 0

muhammad ali selfie


Muhammad Ali selfie from the official Instagram account of “The Greatest”

The Greatest Of All Time, Muhammad Ali is going viral. Already dominating the list of most followed sportsmen over the age of 60, Ali has 400,000 followers on Twitter, and more than eight million on social media site Facebook. The picture was posted to Ali’s new Instagram account before the recent Louisville Cardinals game.

Fears grew about the former world heavyweight champion’s health after his brother Rahman voiced his concerns. “The Greatest” has Parkinsons disease, and his health has slowly gone downhill since his retirement from boxing in 1981. Ali famously fought for 21 years, but took rather unnecessary bouts with Trevor Berbick and Larry Holmes in his twilight years.

“The Peoples Champion” was the voice of the generation during hs prime, and has continued to transcend the sport well in to his mature years. Classic bouts with the now deceased Joe Frazier, and the “Rumble in the jungle” with George Foreman made Ali a household name worldwide.

As the world of boxing has come in to some of it’s darkest times, with very few marketable names on the scene, it’s somewhat heart warming to know that Ali is still around. The boxer and world champion who gave us many fond memories is now merging with the youth once again, using social media as his platform.

Pay tribute, and check out this cool Muhammad Ali highlight from Mohamed’s Best Of on youtube:

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