Deontay Wilder vows to bulk up for first time in his career for Tyson Fury rematch

by Ajit Singh Khanna | Posted on Tuesday, December 11th, 2018 | 0

Deontay Wilder has promised to do one thing he’s never done before in his career. The ‘Bronze Bomber’ is planning to bulk up ahead of Tyson Fury rematch.

Wilder, who weighed in at just over 212 pounds for the Fury fight a couple of weeks back, has outlined plans to get to 245 pounds.

“We gonna adjust the weight,” said the American, who has never weighed more than 229 pounds in any of his professional fights.

“We gonna do a lot of things. Especially with the weight. Because these guys have out-weighed me the majority of my career.

“I never worried about weight because I have the power to substitute for it. I have devastating power that these guys don’t have.

“So I never worried about weight, because I felt like weight is just an image.

“At the end of the day, how many times, over and over again, have guys out-weighed me and they were left on their back?

“None of them could put me on my back, being so [light] of a fighter.

“That’ll just tell you everything. These guys can’t put me on the ground, but I can put them on the ground, and I know that.

“My goal was always to be 245, that’s what my goal has always been. But somebody’s gonna get hurt.

“If weight brings big-man power, and I already had the power and the speed, somebody gonna get hurt.

“So if people wanna see me put on weight and someone get hurt, then so be it.”

Wilder retained the WBC heavyweight belt after his thrilling fight with Fury, a former lineal champion, ended in a draw.

Fury was leading on the cards but Wilder levelled it up by connecting his vicious swings in Rounds 9 and 12, knocking Fury down on both occasions.

The duo agreed to a rematch soon after, with the fight expected to be held in England this time around.

Who y’all got winning?




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