Football Manager 2014 Wishlist – New Ideas

by Sameer Arshad | Posted on Friday, May 10th, 2013 | 13

Football Manger 2014 Wishlist

Football Manager is by far the best soccer simulation game out there, FIFA Manager is another title but FM has been and probably be king in simulation soccer games as EA Sports focus more in their FIFA titles. Football Manager is a game from Sports Interactive company and every year around october-November they release a new title and with that comes huge demand for the game in Europe.

Since 2013 title was released back in November 2012, and its now 7 months playing this game we decided to come up with the new ideas which we would like to see in the game. Although its such and accomplish football manager sim that it will need a huge idea to improve what already is a great game. After playing for 7 months here what my ideas and what i would like to see in the game.

Football Manager 2014 Release Date:
FM 2014 should be released at around october-november time in UK, there is no official announcement from Saga or Sports Interactive yet, but we will update here as soon as we get the news.

Football Manager 2014 Wishlist:

1. Interesting Pre Conferences and Post Match stuff:

Press conferences are getting boring now, same questions over and over again, make it random to the max and different approaches to the media interactions.

2. Editable Classic Mode

Classic mode was a great edition to the game, but  limited staff acquisitions were; scouting players, unearthing hidden gems and filtering out the bargain of the century is what I look for in Football Manager

3. Player Behavior

Sometime player behavior is insane for example, A player attempting to win a corner by kicking the ball against an opponent happens too often. It’s ridiculous. need to make it more balanced

4. Scouts page revamped

whole Scouting and Filtering Scout Reports is an unsightly GUI mess

Football Manager 2014 Wishlist

5. Players/Staff out of contract

I would like to see that they put “Offer Contract” beside each person/player that is running out of contract.

6. Tactics for Single Player

providing a personal tactics settings function, which is used for saving a single player’s player instructions for each player in your squad

7. Holiday Mode

Tag clubs you are interested in, so that if vacancy comes in you automatically considered

8. Customization 

  1. Allow an in-game ‘editor’ where we can change our kits every season.
  2. A ‘virtual’ trophy room
  3. Players celebrating and lifting the trophy in the 3d view

9. Highest Shirt Sale Stats   

Would be a welcome edition to the game if they can put some stats like which player in the squad sold more shirts, and in the league as well.

10. Ball Boys

Okay even if they are not there, I wont mind

Football Manager is a top notch game and it will be the best soccer sim out there for quite some time, but with 2013 FM edition Sigames promised a great game and I agree that they delivered. but they got to do that again this year with FM 2014.

Probably you will have a few ideas for Football Manager 2014? maybe you would like to see women’s league? or you want to have more control over Stadium and finances ? you can let it out in the box below

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