Spanish La Liga Highest Paid Players

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1 Ronaldo Twitter FollowersCristiano Ronaldo £15.0m £288,000 $20 M
2 Messi richest football player in the worldLionel Messi £13.41m £257,000 $20 M
3 Neymar Salary 2013Neymar £12.57m £241,000 $6 M
4 Gareth bale Salary 2013Gareth Bale £9.50m £182,500 $1 M
Iker Casillas SalaryIker Casillas £7.80m £135,000
Alexies Sanchez £7.65m £130,000
7 David Villa £7.50m £125,000
Dani Alves £7.36m £122,000
9 Marcelo £7.20m £118,000
10 Xavi Hernandez Salary 2014Xavi Hernandez £7.00m £110,000


In spanish primera liga most of the highest paid players belong to either Barcelona or Real Madrid. Cristiano Ronaldo recently signed a contract extension with Real madrid which made him the highest paid player in the football world with weekly salary of £288,000 which nets him around £15 million from his current contract with Real Madrid while his high profile endorsement deals with Nike, Armani, Castrol and Konami earns him further 20 million a year and he is in the top 10 highest paid athletes in the world.

Barcelona duo Messi and Neymar comes 2nd 3rd respectively while real madrid’s record signing Gareth bale is 4th in the league in terms of weekly salary. After these 4 big guns we have a consistant salary scale which ranges from $9 to $10 USD a year. Iker Casillas is the highest paid goalkeeper in the world while David Villa Atletico Madrid’s highest paid player.

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