Rugby League World Cup Tickets 2013

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RLWC 2013 Tickets

26 October 2013 – 30 November 2013

Rugby League World Cup is one of the biggest sports event in the world and before we go any further for new or causual Rugby fans who are thinking that Rugby World cup happend in 2011, they should know that this is a different competition and a different sport all together with just the same name. Rugby League world was first played back in 1954 and since than it has been played regularly with most 4 years different and this year it will be held in England.

Rugby League world 2013 will be played in United Kingdom, and starting from 26 October 2013 and will be played through 30 november and the final will be at Old Trafford. We will be placing the match schedule, Team info and the how to buy tickets here and we will be starting with the guide to buy tickets for the Rugby League World Cup 2013.

How to Buy Rugby League World Tickets:

  1. Buy Tickets Online
  2. Call the rugby League tickets office (In Uk)
  3. Or buy tickets in Person (In Uk)

Buying Tickets Online at RLWC Official Site:
You can make an online account at ( ) which is the official site for the Rugby League World Cup tickets, once you are done with the sign up, you can proceed to the matches and the tickets info. They have tickets for each and every match and the opening ceremony.

  1. Find the match ticket you are looking for, and than look for discounts on packages, for example a family package, group package if you have children under certain age etc.
  2. Click “Buy Now” in front of the match you want the ticket for, and it will take you to the stadium seating plan with prices and categories and there you have it buy the best place which suits you.
  3. Than you have possible discount like, for Older people over 65+ they have half price tickets and for students they have half price tickets while if you book in a group of 6 you will get 10% discount on every ticket while 15 people group will get you 15%.
  4. Add to basket, pay it with Uk card or if you are buying tickets from abroad please check with the RLWC officials and thats about it, they will send you tickets on time. They are official and the best way to buy tickets online cheaper.

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Australia: there will be a huge turnout from Australia as they have won 9 of the last 13 RLWC events and if you want to visit England for the Rugby League World Cup and stay there for the whole event, or just for a single Aussie game here are some of the best travel operators who are officialy affiliated with RLWC.

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