Possible qualifier from Pool C – RWC 2015

by Toqui Tahmid | Posted on Wednesday, September 30th, 2015 | 0

At Group C of rugby world cup, 2 times champion New Zealand have some easy opposition to the run of their 3rd title. As a note, biggest event of rugby will start from 18th Sep at England and Wales.

Rugby world cup 2015 pool A

Pool B Team:

  • New Zealand
  • Argentina
  • Tonga
  • Georgia
  • Namibia

There have 95% chance for New Zealand to finish their pool stage from 1st position.

New Zealand:

New Zealand is 2 times champion of rugby world cup, currently world no. 1 and also since 2011 after winning their 2nd times world cup. New Zealand so far played 3 finals and 3 semifinals. Only 2007 world cup at France they can’t overcomes the quarter finals stage. They are also the first world cup winner at 1987. This year also defending the title.


Argentina have also all 7 world cup so far. On 2007 they have also played their first semifinals on the biggest event of rugby. And finished the event from 3rd position. Which is so far highest achievement for current world no.8.


Tonga is playing their 7th out 0f 8 Rugby World Cup. As they have their first world cup on 1987. On 1991 they can’t qualify them on the tournament. The world no. 11 team never played on second round so far. Only finished from 3rd position in 3 times. First was on 1995, second at 2007 and last was at 2011.


World no. 16 is on their 4th attending on this year Rugby World Cup.They have only 2 wins on their past 3 attendance. First victory comes on 2007 which was their 2nd appearances. At 2003 Georgia played first time on RWC.


Namibia played first was on 1999 and they have last 4 consecutive world cup participation. But every time Namibia finished their tournament form the bottom of the group table. They have no victory on a single matches so far as they have 15 matches on their 4 appearances. Currently Namibia on 20th at point table.

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