TV Channels Broadcasting Spanish La Liga in USA, Canada, Australia

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La Liga on TV in UK, USA, Canada, Australia

Ever wondered what TV channel will broadcast Spanish LA liga in your part of the world ? well La Liga is not EPL and that is why in some countries its hard to follow the Spanish League action as well as the Serie a but here is the full list of Channels which will be showing LA Liga in different parts of the world as we have tried to get as much information as possible.

TV Channels Broadcasting in Rest of the World:

# Country Broadcaster
United States
BeIn Sports 1,2 – Paid
Sky Deutchland – Paid (German)
BeIn Sports


Spanish la Liga On UK TV Channels


Skysports televised a few match every week live, while they also have this dedicated Preview and Review show of La Liga called “Ravista Da La Liga”

Spanish la Liga On United States TV Channels

  • BeIn Sports – Al Jazeera

Last year Al Jazeera channel BeIn Sports, which is based in France bought rights of LA liga in United States and now they will be televising the La Liga games live on TV in USA.

LA Liga on TV in USA, Canada,

Spanish la Liga On Australian/New Zealand TV Channels


ESPN did not renew their contract with La Liga for televising LA liga in Australia, which is a shame and Australian soccer fans are not happy. THey have setup a Facebook page “bring back Live La Liga in Australia/New Zealand”

ON South American TV Channels:

  • ESPN Latin America (in South America)
  • Direct TV (Carribians)

ON Brazilian Channels:

  • SKY Brasil
  • ESPN Brasil


Spanish la Liga TV Money & Rights
Unlike English Premier League in La Liga clubs sell their TV rights individualy and that shows how the team earns from TV deals, Real Madrid made around £119m in TV money while granada made just £12m which shows how much the financial gap is there between the top two clubs in La Liga and rest of the league clubs.

Although in the next few seasons Spanish league is getting ready to sell its TV rights collectively, with which all clubs in the league will benefit and it will help to reduce the financial gap between Premier League.

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