Joshua Pynadath Scout Report, Stats, Position Skills Video

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Joshua-Pynadath position, skillsJoshua Pynadath
Age: 11
Position: Forward (attacking roles)
Team: Real Madrid
Favourite player: Cristiano Ronaldo

Joshua Pynadath became the first US kit who signed up for Real Madrid, who signed him as a 11 year old beating of the competition from Barcelona. Born in Los Altos Hills he will be making his Real Madrid acedamy debut in August 2013 and his family will move with him there.

Joshua Pynadath Scout Report Video

Here is the first glimps of American youngster who started training with Real Madrid acedamy side and now he will be with Madrid team for rest of the season. 11 Year old does not seem intimated by wearing the famous white shirt .


How Joshua Pynadath end up at Real Madrid:

Joshua Pynadath real madrid player

Scout saw the videos of him playing in his native city, and impressed by his skills Real Madrid invited him for a week long trial. He managed his own blog where he said that

“I was blown away when I got the official news from Real Madrid”

“They told me that I was the first American that they have ever accepted into their academy. I told them that I would set a good example”

now he will be training with the team where his favourite player Cristiano Ronaldo plays, he might turn out the be a real deal and might not be, but from what we have seen, the kid has potential and if given proper guidance he can make it big, there are several big years ahead of him.

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