Biggest Fights in Cricket History

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Worst Cricket Fights India vs Pakistan

Today we have brought up a good and well researched interesting article about the biggest fights in cricket history which are mainly focused on Indo-Pak matches. Both teams are arch rivals and the fans dont want their respective team to lose. Losing is not an option and that put so much pressure on players on the field and some time things go over board. Here are some of the greatest incidents which brought the game into dispute.


#1. Kapil Dev vs Majid Khan
Kapil Dev who was playing his 2nd odi match, was bowling wides on purpose or he was just too nervous against Pakistan captain Majid Khan, when Kapil Dev kept his line away from Khan he got angry and took one of the stump and showed Kapil where he should be bowling. Great test for Kapil Dev.
#2. Kiran More vs Javed Miandad
World Cup 1992 Match

Miandad was batting for Pakistan against India in World Cup game, and Kiran More the Indian Keeper kept saying stuff behind the wicket like 2 feet away from Javed. That got Miandad angry and he stopped the bowler and went up to More to ask what really he want to say, later came the almighty leaps of Miandad. Take a look at the video.
#3. Amir Sohail vs Venkatesh Prasad
World Cup 1996 Match

By far the most prominant incident of over confidence happend in Pakistan vs India Quarter final game of World Cup 1996, Pakistan was chasing a big total and Sohail and Anwar were in cruise control but than Sohail lost his concentration and hit Prasad for couple of boundries and showed him that he will be hitting him again only to get his middle stump up rooted the very next ball.
#4. Shahid Afridi vs Gautam Gambhir
Ind vs Pak 2006 ODI Series

You just can not keep Afridi out of action, he was bowling against Gautam Gambhir in 2006 series and things were going really tight, Gambhir ran into Afridi when he was running between wickets and things got heated and a few words were exchanged but thankfully umpires and captain intervene and kept Ghambir safe from a very angry Khan.
#5. Kamran Akmal vs Gautam Gambhir
Asia Cup 2010

Ghambir has been knows for losing his temper in cricket games and after Afridi incident he found himself again in some confrontation with Paksitan keeper Kamran Akmal. Again things got heated but thankfully common sense pervailed and things got back to normal.
#6. Shoaib Akhtar vs Harbhajan Singh
Asia Cup 2010

Now thats a full fledge abusing, when Harbajhan won India the Asia Cup game againt Pakistan and Shoaib Akhtar cane be seen and heard on live tv giving Harbajhan abuse and many things and vice verse. After the match reportedly things got normal between the two.


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