Top 10 Best Football Apps for Iphone, Ipad, Android

by Sameer Arshad | Posted on Wednesday, July 31st, 2013 | 0

top 10 best football apps

Football season 2013-14 is all set for middle of August and with just few days to go all major European league will resume their matches as well as UEFA Champions League. So how to keep your self updated with the latest news, scores, highlights, videos and much more ? In the age of Wifi and Iphones, Ipads and high end mobile devices it easier and cheaper than every to keep track of your favourite sports. So here is the top 10 must have football/soccer application which you must have in your mobile.

Developer: ESPN

Its one of the most downloaded app in UK, and with ESPN App on almost all the plateforms mobile, tablets you can watch goals video of every premier league match within minutes after the game is over. We rate it as the best app because a true premier league fan dont want to miss a single goal every week, and this app helps you keep track of the beautiful game.

2. Barclay’s Football App – Free
Developer: Barclays

Its a another free app, the official application for the English Premier League designed by Barclays, so what you get with this app ? lets take a look

  1. Live text Commentry
  2. Live scorers
  3. Fixture List
  4. Live Points Table (updated during matches and after)
  5. Latest Results
  6. Chat with friends
  7. Team Statitics (top scorers, each and every player stats of 20 clubs)


3. FOOTIEPUBS: $1.99
Developer: MX Data

Fottiepubs is a Uk based app which let you find every pub in London, Liverpool and Manchester. It shows nearest pubs showing the matches live, how to get there and where the pub serve food and also rating by fellow user. Pretty nice app for just a bargain of $1.99

4. IFOOTY PLUS – £1.99
Developer: Jeremy Debate

You would like to keep track of other league aprt from Premier League ? here is Ifootyplus which has states, fixtures, points tables, top scorers details of matches to be shown on TV from 21 leagues around Europe. You wont miss headline news from football around europe.


Developer: BskyB

Another app which you can substitute with Barclays App, Sky Sports Live Football scorer centre is official premier league app from BskyB, and it let you keep track of matches, fixtures, goals etc.



This app let you know which match is showb by what channel, This app let you keep track of football schedule around the europe on TV, coverage, timing live streams schedule and the fixture list of certain channel.


7. Nike Football+ Team Edition (Free)
Developer: Nike

One of the best soccer app available free online at all the plateforms. This app will help you learn football, coaching drills and much more. It is basicaly aimed at football coaches who can keep track of their players performences and design drills which are introduce by some of the legendry coaches in the World. Very nice app.

Developer – Sega

One of the finest soccer sim games in the world now available on handheld plateforms like Ipad, Iphone and its will only cost you £6.99, this is a app/game which every football lover would love to have and once its in your device your commutes will be the best part of your day before you know it.


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