IPL 2014 Joker Cards in Auction – How It Works ?

by Sameer Arshad | Posted on Wednesday, December 11th, 2013 | 1

IPL 2014 is upon us and will be played in April/May time after the T20 World Cup in Bangladesh, but the venue for the event is not decided yet as there will be political elections in india at the same time as IPL. But the dates and venues for the IPL 2014 Auction has been decided which will held in Singapore on 12 Fabruary 2014. There is a small twist in how the IPL auction will work out this year and lets take a look at the introduction of Joker cards to be used at IPL.

IPL 2014 Auction Joker cardsJoker Cards in IPL Auction 2014

On 12 Fabruary 2014 when owners and representatives sit for the IPL auction in Singapore, they will have a chance to retain 5 players in their teams plus they can also use three available joker cards to keep players at market price. How they can use Joker Cards to good effect ? lets take this example.

Lets say Mumbai Indians want to retain 5 of their players but they decided to let Rohit Sharma go, and Rohit Sharma comes up in the bidding war with Delhi Daredevils and Kolkata bidding for him and it reaches $700,000. Now if Mumbai wants to get Rohit Sharma back they can use one of their Joker cards to keep Sharma at the price of $700,000

How many joker cards available to the teams might depend on how many players a team wants to retain, If a team decided to keep 5 players they will have three joker cards and if they decide to keep less players they might have more joker cards.

So ther you have it, a new concept where a team with money to spare might be able to retain as many as 8 players in the auction. and we would like to know from you where you like the idea or not ?

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