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Mayweather vs Alvarez live stream

Floyd Mayweather vs Canelo Alvarez might just be the biggest fight of this centruy with the biggest payday for both the boxers, Mayweather attracts huge crowds full arenas and his last fight against Robert Guerrero generated around $50M for him and now the fight against Canelo might just be the biggest fight, even more than Pacquiao vs Mayweather (Maybe). Manny Pacquiao has suffered two back to back defeats and he is out of the picture of Mayweather fight for another Year. Canelo Alvarez is one young promising boxer who actually have a chance of winning against Mayweather Jr.


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Mayweather vs Canelo All Access Schedule:

Episode 1 – 25 August 2013
Episode 2 – 31 August 2013
Episode 3 – 7 September 2013
Episode 4 – 11 September

THe video will be available at Showtime Youtube channels once the premier at “Sports.SHO.com” is over. All the episodes are available in Spanish as well and we will be placing the download stuff here
Mayweather Net worth 2013-2014Mayweather Jr Last 5 Fights Paydays:

  1. Mawyeather vs Shane Mosley – $30 million
  2. Mayweather Jr vs Victor Ortiz – $40 million
  3. Maweather vs Miguel Cotto – $45 Million
  4. Mayweather vs Rober Guerrero – $50 Millions
  5. Mayweather vs Canelo Alvarez – $75 to $100 Million (Possiblity)

What Canelo Alvarez Bring to the Ring against Mayweather ?
Canelo Alvarez is one solid boxer who many believe will end Mayweather’s undefeated career record but going into the fight what advantages he has over Mayweather ? Well as far as I can see there is only two factors he has the advantage,

  1. Age Factor
  2. Size Factor
  3. Power Game

Canelo Alvarez is younger than Mayweather, alot younger I should say almost has the same amount of professional boxing fights, he is bigger and Mayweather has to catchup weight but can Canelo make use of the two factors he is supposed to have advantage ? well he has to compete skillfully to counter what mayweather has to offer only size and age difference won’t win him the fight. There are alot other factors involved in result of a mega fight, speed, age, form in last few fights, life outside the ring, experience in the ring, injury worries, ring rustiness and last but not the least style differences which is the biggest factor. Considering all of the above I can not see Canelo matching Mayweather in the ring he has to go for a knock out, he can not compete with Mayweather skill set for 12 rounds, he needs those big punches which Mayweather has never experienced in his career.

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WHO IS GOING TO WIN Mawyeather vs Canelo ?
Its a 50-50 fight many experts are saying, but If we look at realisticly and how good Mayweather Jr has been in his last few fights i will give Canelo 40/60 going into the fight and I am being generous. Maweather wins at speed, wins at boxing skills and if fight goes beyond 10 rounds the likeliest winner will be Mayweather and If its a knockout it will surely be Canelo.

Mayweather vs Canelo Alvarez Press Conference:
Mayweather is one great boxer and his next bout is against Canelo Alvarez on 14 September 2013. It will be the biggest fight of this decade and maybe of this century and one thing is for sure you are fan of these boxers or not you will be interested in the build, the press conferences and the All Access Episodes from Showtime. It will be massive hype and build up and maybe a few promotional tricks, trash talking and what not.

Mayweather vs Canelo Fight Promo:

We will be placing the Mayweather vs Canelo Alvarez Press Conference Live streaming and the full press conference highlights video, so far the schedule date is not announced but we will be keeping you updated with all the happening going into the fight.

Canelo vs Mayweather Live StreamMayweather vs Canelo Alvarez All Access Episodes Videos
Showtime produce this great quality boxing content for every fight Mayweather goes into, its a behind the scene footage in the life and training of both the boxers, whats going through their mind and what their teams are doing for them to be successfull. We will be placing the full All Access videos here so please bookmark this page and share it, this is your one page for everything Mayweather vs Canelo.

We are leaving you with some nice fan art picture of Mayweather vs Canelo fight, it was posted on one of the Mawweather team’s twitter account so credt goes to them.

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