Premier League Referee Salary List 2014

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Average wage of EPL Referee

English Premier League is the biggest sporting league in the world, they say atleast 1 time a week more than half of the population tune in for some sort of Premier League coverage and on every match in Premier League there are multi millions of pounds riding with all these betting companies living off Premier League in United Kingdom, we all know how much players and managers are getting paid, ever wondered how much the main man in highly profile game “the Ref” paid, Weekly or monthly or even annualy ? No Howard Webb jokes please. lets take a look at the EPL Refree’s salaries.

Premier League Referee’s Salaries:
Basic Annual Salary£38,500
Match Fees£1,150
Average annual income£70,000 to £85,000 (basic salary + Match fess)

So in a single season Premier League refrees can make around £70,000 which is two weeks average salary of an Premier League footballer, Thats how much Footballers are being paid at the moment

In england since 1998 English FA decided to form a professional group of refrees who are officiating premier league or lower division games. Back in the days like 10 years ago refrees were paid a basic retainer fee of around £33,000 but now its increased to £38,000 to £40,000 depending on the experience but thats not all yet. There is match fess as well which accounts for £1000 a match in Premier League and £500 in Championship.

2012-2013 Premier League Referee’s:
Last year total 18 referee’s were involved in Premier League, with Howard Webb officiating more games than anyone, 30 games to his name which means he took home more than £65,000 in retainer salary + Match fee. We will publish the list of referee for next season here.

 # Referee Avg Yearly Salary Competitions
 1 Howard Webb £120,000 EPL, UEFA, FIFA
 2 Martin Atkinson £85,000 EPL, UEFA
 3 Mark Clattenburg £75,000 EPL, UEFA
 4 Mike Dean £38,500 + Match Fee (£1000 per game) EPL
5 Phil Dowd £38,500 + Per Match Fee EPL
 6 Roger East £38,500 + Match Fee EPL
 7 Chris Foy £38,500 + Match Fee EPL
 8 Kevin Friend
 9 Mike Jones
 10 Robert Madley
 11 Andre Marriner
 12 Lee Mason
 13 Jonathan Moss
 14 Michael Oliver
 15 Craig Pawson
 16 Lee Probert
 17 Neil Swarbrick
 18 Anthony Taylor


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  • Graham

    Just watched one of the worst refereeing performance for many years by
    R Madley who officiated in the Burnley v Derby game.
    The FA should review his performance in this game and think very hard about the level at which he is able to referee. He certainly should not be given a premiership game any time soon.

  • Maya


    • BGHDF


  • danny

    my dream is to become a reffere

  • Ray Cooke

    The low wages of a referee leaves ‘the fixers’ in charge in a way. A referee is offered £50,000 to ‘care’ for a team and would find it so so difficult to refuse. They are and play a full part in the spectacle so pay them accordingly and stop leaving it up to corruption. Sepp Blatter should really understand what I mean.

  • Dave

    The refereeing elite seem to take it upon themselves to selectively apply the laws of association football as they see fit. There should NOT be an upper echelon of referees. Yes reward effort and commitment. Yes reward performance by impartial assessment and yes remunerate appropriately. However, there are a goodly number of match officials in the lower leagues fully capable of doing an equally good or better job as the refereeing elite we are blighted with currently.
    I’ve seen dreadful decisions made by these guys. For example, dreadful tackles unchallenged and clear dismissals ignored. If some of the behaviour demonstrated on the premier league pitches was recorded on cctv in shopping mall the perpetrators would be doing time for assault!!!!!
    It would be a good thing to make these guys remember where they cut their teeth and put them back on the parks and recreation grounds for say four games a season to give something back to the game that they are so cynically taking from at the top.
    I’m retired as a referee nowadays but I loved being the guy in charge of the safety of twenty two highly charged players in the amateur game and I would have done it all for nothing.
    Maybe it would be a good idea if the high flyers remembered what their job was.

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