Howard Webb Salary 2014

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Howard Webb net worth 2014Howard Webb Total Yearly Income – £120,000

Basic EPL Salary- £40,000
EPL Fee Per Match– £1000
Total earning from EPL Season £70,000 to £85,000
UEFA & FIFA Official Matches: £1500 per match
Sport: Football
: 42

Howard Webb is one of the most experienced Premier League referee and has been for quite some time, he was also big hit in 2010 World Cup in South Africa. Today we take a look at his career earning and how much he earns from Premier League, UEFA and FIFA by officiating matches through the course of a season.

How Much Howard Webb Earns In Premier League Season?

This is a question, always on people’s mind when he makes a mistake or cause some controversy. So today we take a look at how much he is making by being the top referee in Premier League.

 Income Details Money Total Income 1 Year
Basic Salary (Retainer Fee) for 1 year  £40,000
Salary Per Match  £1150 per match
Number of Matches in Premier League season ?  35 to 40 average
Total income from EPL in 2012-13 £40,000 + (£1150*35)  £81,000


Howard webb is one of the many full-time referees in Premier League, and they are decently paid as well.  Premier League has a wage structure for referee’s which has Basic Salary plus the match fee for every game they official. Basic salary is around £40 K while there is £1000 match fee for every game they are part of. So last year Howard Webb officiate 30 games in Premier League, most by any referee and he got around £70,000 plus travel expenses.

UEFA and FIFA Salaries:

Apart from that he is a top referee in UEFA Champions League and FIFA official international matches. and he earns on average £1500 per match.

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