Worlds Most Valuable Sports Teams 2014 Pt 1

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Worlds most valuable sports teams 2014-Part 1

The world of sports is changing still, as transfer window spending, team values, player worth and net spending rise across the board. Sports organizations such as the NFL, La Liga, The Premiership, MLB and many others produce millionaires by the bucket load. Read on for the worlds most valuable sports teams 2014-part 1…….


50. AC Milan

Worth: $856 million US dollars

Owner Silvio Berlusconi has undoubtedly made a fortune from his beloved club, as they have stomped their way to eight Serie A championship titles and five European cups.


49. Manchester City

Worth: $863 million US Dollars

Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan’s Sky Blues cruised to an impressive 2013-14 premiership title last season, and are truly worth their near-billion dollar price tag. Look out for them to break the B-mark if they are successful in the current 2014-15 season

Jose Mourinho angry at chelsea players

48. Chelsea FC

Worth: $867 million US Dollars

Managed by by the legendary Jose Mourinho and owned by Russian businessman Roman Abramovich, Chelsea last won the league back in 2010. Both parties will hope that the club rekindles their form for the 2014-15 premier league finish.


47. Buffalo Bills

Worth: $870 million US Dollars-sold in September 2014 for 1.4 billion US Dollars

NFL team Buffalo Bills has surged from $25,000, which it was worth when Ralph Wilson purchased them back in 1959, to being close to a billion dollar franchise. The New York team is now looking for a new owner….


45. St Louis Rams/Boston Celtics

Worth: $875 million US Dollars

NFL team St Louis Rams and NBA side Boston Celtics split the number 45 mark, Wycliffe and Irving Grousbeck own the Celtics, and Stan Kroenke is the STL Rams owner.

All values calculated by Forbes in July 2014, stay tuned for part 2 onwards in the near future….

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