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Dwayne Johnson Salary, Earnings 2014Dwayne Johnson Net Worth: $75 million 

2012-13 Earnings: $45 (Forbes)
Salary/Winning/Bonuses $44 M
Endorsements Earning: $1 M
Major Brands:
Sport: Wrestling
: 41 Years
Forbes Richlist:
#25 The World’s Highest-Paid Celebrities

Dwayne “The Rock” Johanson was one of the most famouse professional wrestler to come out from WWE late 90’s and early 2000’s who made it even big in Hollywood. Forbes rate his yearly income to around $45 Million which makes him 25th highest paid celebrity in the world. Started his career as college football player in Miami, USA but used his natural instinct to be a wrestler to follow the footsteps of his father and grand father. Lets take a look at how much he earns.


Wrestling Career:

The rockc made his name in WWF from 1996 to 2004 after which he was retired, but not before he became 9 time World Wrestling Federeration Champion. He has been the star of many main events in WWE history from Wrestlmania to summer slams and still from time to time he make an odd apperence in WWE shows.

Action/TV/Movies Career

Dwayne was part of Mummy 2 the movie as a villan where he got a big role, but his real action career started with the scorpian king movie and since than he has been part of many successfull movies in all formates like comedy, action and thrillers.

Dwayne Johnson House/Mansions and Properties

1. Hidden hills home
Worth: $4.9 Million

A majestic mansion located in Beverly Hills, California, which The rock put on for sale. It is one luxury place to live in thats for sure.

1. Miami Mansion
Worth: 3.4 milllion USD

The Miami Mansion which the rock bought back in 2012 is another massive, luxury place which he bought after selling his beverly hill house. Take a look at this gigantic mansion. and it is located where he was brought up in his college years Miami city of South Florida

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