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Tendulkar Net Worth 2013Sachin Tendulkar Net Worth : $70 million

2012-2013 Earnings: $22 million (Forbes)
Salary/Winning/Bonuses $4 Million
Endorsements Earning: $18 Million
Mahor Brands:  Adidas, Audemars Piguet wrist watch, Coca Cola, Aviva, Swiss Watch, Toshiba, ITC
Sport: Cricket
: 34
Forbest Richlist: 51th Highest Paid athlete in World

A Maradona/Pele of cricket, Sachine Tendulkar has been on top of his game for the last 24 years and still has so much to offer on the field and of it for indian cricket, Tendulkar set the benchmark of endorsement deals for cricketers in India, hailed as God of cricket in his native country Sachin Tendulkar is a house hold name and he cashes on it throughout his career. More than 15 brands he endorsed at time which racks him around $18 Million a year, and he Reportedly makes 1.5 crore indian ruppes a day.


Sachin Tendulkar Salary and Endorsement Deals:

BCCI Central Contract:
Sachin Tendulkar is in the Category A of the BCCI central contract which gets him around 1 Crore Indian Ruppes every year, and that is close while a apperence in 1 test match gets him further 600,000 rupees every match, while there are bonuses such as win bonus, series win and individual performences.

Endorsement Deal King:

Sachin Tendulkar Endorsement deals money1. Coca Cola:RS 20 Crore (3 year deal)
Sachine Tendulkar signed one of the most high profile deals with Coca Cola couple of years ago which was worth 20 Crore for the next three years.

2. Amit EnterprisesRs 9 crore:
Another high prifle deal with Pune based company which tendulkar signed is worth 9 Cror a year.

3. S Kumars Nationwide (SKNL)Rs 12-13 crore:
Another high profile deal he signed back in World Cup 2011, and that is around 13 Crore a year.

There are total 17 brands Sachine Tendulkar endorses, and takes home around RS 1 Crore per deal taking his yearly income from Endorsement deals to around RS 25 cror, making him one of the most marketable athlete in the India and in the World, Only dhoni can claim to have more endorsement deals.


Sachin Tendulkar Mension – Bandra House
Worth: Approximately $ 7.9 million

Sachin Tendulkar has build himself is one of the famous houses in Indian city of bandra where he reside along with his two kids and wife. This house is massive and one of the most expensive properties own by a celebrity in India. It is worth around $8 Million while covers the insurace of $1 billion. A five stroy building situated in most expensive residential area in India where World most expensive house of Mukesh Ambani is also located.


Sachin Tendulkar Cars Collections:

  1. Nissan GT-R
  2. Mercedes Benz C36
  3. Porsche Boxster

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