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ronnie o'sullivan career prize MoneyRonnie o’Sullivan Net Worth – $15 million 

Total Career Earnings: £9 Million +
Salary/Winning/Bonuses – $8
Endorsements Earning$1 M
Major Brands:
Sport: Snooker
: 32

Ronnie o’Sullivan is a British snooker start who burst onto the scene of snooker when he was just 16, widely regarded as the most talented Snooker player ever, Ronnie has won 3 World Championship titles. He is a big name in UK, but lives a private life, not much of a showboater, that mainly because Snooker is not a big sport in Europe but he still has earned more than £6,000,000+ in career prize money.

Ronnie o’Suillivan Career Earnings: £7,089,664
Ronnie has played in total 246 ranked events throughout his career, won 5 World Championship titles and 4 British Grand Prixs and whole host of other big events.

His estimated career prize money winning around £7,089,664, and back in 2010/2011 he made around £500,000 winning World Championship and couple of other big events.


Ronnie o’Suillivan House/Properties

1. Chigwell, Essex House
Worth: £1.5 million

Ronnie has a big house in his native Chigwell located in Essex part of Uk, and this house worth around £1.5 million pounds. here is the picture i foung of the house.

Ronnie o'Suillivan 1 Million house

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