Top 10 Highest Paid Tennis Players in 2014

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Forbes magazine has revealed the top 10 list of the Richest Tennis Players In the World at the moment, and according to statistics Roger Federer leads the way with around $140M to his name over the years not only from on the court winnings but also off the court with his many endorsment deals with Nike, Rolex etc, while on the 2nd place is Maria Sharapova whos large chunk of income comes from modeling and off the court contract.

Here is the Top 10 list of Richest Tennish Players in the World in 2013 and probably be the same for the upcoming year. Lets start the count down from 1st to the 10th.


Richest Tennis Players in the World#1. Roger Federer
NetWorth: $140 Millions
Age: 31
Endorsements: Nike, Rolex

Federer is leading man in tennis for the last 10 years, he has won around 17 Grand Slam and huge list of ATP tour events across his magnificent career. He has couple of highly lucarative sponsorship deals with Nike and Rolex the watch company.
Maria Sharapova Networth $90M#2. Maria Sharapova
Networth: $90 Millions
Age: 25
Endorsements: Nike (many other)

Maria Sharapova burst onto the scene of tennis few years ago when she won the Wimbledon title, since than his on court performences has been decent but off the court she has won many modeling contracts and sponsorship deals with various major brands, the most notable is Nike.
Sarena Williams networth 2013#3. Sarena Walliams
Networth: $85 Millions
Age: 31
Endorsements: Nike (many other)

Sarena Williams is just keep getting better and keep winning grand slam after grand slam, she also have a glmour life outside the court and got a few highly lucarative sponsors to help her career earnings + off the court earnings to almost $100 Millions.
Venus Williams Networth 2013#4. Venus Walliams
Networth: $81 Millions
Age: 33

Just like her younger sister Venus Williams has been on the tennis scene since 2000, and she has won many grand slams specialy Wimbledon title over the years. Her off the court life is not as glamorus as her sister but she still manages to rack around $81 Millions to his fortune.
Rafael Nadal Networth 2013#5. Rafael Nadal
Networth: $50 Millions
Age: 26
Endorsments: Nike, Audi (many other)

He is on 5th number and thats a surprise he is as good as Federer if not better, the kind of clay is renouned player in the world and everyone wants him to win everytime he steps on the court because of his gentleman behaviour, he just like Roger Federer lives a normal life flamboyent but his sponsorships and 12 grand slams title and countless ATP tour titles winnings rack him half a billions for him.
Andy Murray Networth 2013#6. Andy Murray
Networth: $38 Millions
Age: 25
Major Endorsments: Adidas

The scotish tennis player have only won 1 grand slam, which was the US Open 2012 title but he is by far the biggest hope of all UK to a Wimbledon title for a British. His career winnings + off court endorsement deals with Adidas and many other brands put him 6th in the list.
Novak Djokovic Networth 2013#7. Novak Djokovic
Networth: $36 Millions
Age: 25
Major Endorsments:

Novak Djokovic who has been around for a while on tennis circuit but in the last 3 years he has stepped up and taken the no.1 position in the World Rankings won 6 grand slams already with 4 australian open, 1 US open and 1 Wimbledon title, he also started his own clothing line in Oxford Street London with the help of his major endorsement deal with Japansese Company.
Li Na Networth 2013#7. Li Na
Networth: $18.6 Millions
Age: 30
Major Endorsments:

One of few chinese female tennis players who have made it that far, her performences in the 2011 and a grand slam win put her as the sports queen in China and with varios endorsements with local brands it help her make huge fortune.
Caroline Wozniack Networth#7. Caroline Wozniack
Networth: $14.6 Millions
Age: 22
Major Endorsments:

Ana Ivanovic networth#7. Ana Ivanovic
Networth: $8.2 Millions
Age: 25
Major Endorsments:



Roger Federer Switzerland 31 $140M  
Maria Sharapova Russia 25 $90M  
Sarena Williams
United States 31 $85M  
Venus Williams United States 33 $81M  
Rafael Nadal Spain 26 $50M  
Andy Murray
British 25 $38M  
Novak Djokovic Serbia 25 $36M  
Li Na China 30 $18.6M  
Caroline Wozniack Denmark 22 $14.6M  
Ana Ivanovic Serbia 25 $8.2M  


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