Top 10 Richest Owners in European Club Football 2014

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Modern day football or soccer you would like to call, has been evolving so much with the money coming in in all the 4 major league around europe as well as Russian clubs are getting big name players while French teams are threatening to take over transfers of high profile players. So when did they trend of Rich owners buying clubs started and who are the richest billionair in Europea football owners list. Lets take a look

#1. Sheikh Mansoon ($22 Billion)
Net Worth: $22 Billion
Club: Man City

Manchester City is wholy owned by Shiekh Mansoor and who is not afraid to invest in the new players of World Class level, Man City went on to win the 2011-2012 Premier League under Roberto Mancini and they have bigger plans than that.

#2. Amancio Ortega (Spain) – $57 Billion
Net worth: $57 Billion, up $19.5 billion from last year.
Club: Deportivo La Coruna (Spain)

#3. George Soros (USA) – $19.2 Billion
Net Worth: $19.2 Billion
Club: Manchester United (England)

Thats a surprising name here, George Sors owns just 8% of Manchester United shares but that does make him co owner with Glazers family who has around 70% of Manchester United shares. They guy is a bomb, has alot of money and his net worth sky rocketed in the last few years.
#4. Alisher Usmanov (Russia) – $17.6 Billion
Net Worth: $17.6 Billion
Club: Arsenal Football Club (England)
#5. Lakshmi Mittal (India) – $16.5 Billion
Net Worth: $16.5 Billion
Club: Queens Park Rangers (England)

Things did not go well for the mittals family who owns QPR major shares, QPR got relegated even though the owners invested alot of money in the club, which goes to buying success with money is not as easy as it seems.
#6. Rinat Akhmetov (Ukraine) – $15.4 billion
Net worth: $15.4 billion
Club: FC Shakhtar Donetsk (Ukraine)

Another Russia owner with his oil money, Rinat Akhmetov is based in Ukrain and he wholy owns Shakhtar Dontesk who has been a regual at European level football for quite some years and they buy good players as well.
#7. François-Henri Pinault – $15 billion
Net worth: $15 billion
Club: Rennes (France)
#8. Paul Allen – $15 billion
Net worth: $15 billion, up $800 million from last year
Club: Seattle Sounders FC (United States)
#9. John Fredriksen (Cyprus) – $11.5 billion
Net worth: $11.5 billion
Team: Valerenga (Norway)
#10. Roman Abrahimovic ($10.2 billion)
Net Worth: $10.2 billion
Club: Chelsea

The most prominant billionair owner is Roman Abrahamovic who started the trend to buy a football club and actually buying trophies with all the money. Although in recent years his focus has turned into making chelsea more of a regualr football club than just living off his money.
#11. Philip Anschutz (USA) – $10 billion
Net Worth: $10 billion
Club: La Glaxy

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