Top 12 Richest NFL Team Owners 2014-2015

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Richest NFL Owners american football

American Football national league commonly known as “NFL” is by far the biggest sporting league in the world. The total revenue for a season is around $9.5 Billion which is three times more than world’s most watched English Premier League ($3.3 Billion) which is a soccer league season. When we talk about most valueable sports teams in the world, 60% of the top 50 sports teams are from NFL which goes to show how big money spinner this yearly league is. Whats more is that average attendance of 67,604 is more than any other sports league in the world even more than biggest european league of soccer like Spanish La Liga, England Premier League and German Bundesliga. In terms of American sports NFL makes almost $2 billion more in revnue than Major Baseball league, so one can imagin what it will be like to own a NFL team. Its expensive, very expensive. So lets take a look at top 10 richest owners in American football.

#01. Paul Allen Net Worth – $16 Billion (USD)

Team: Seattle SeaHawks
Purchase: $300 m (1997)
Forbest Richlist# 40

Paul Allen is co founder of microsoft with Bill Gates, he owns sports teams in several american sports, him being owner of Seattle Seahawks and Portland trailblazers in NBA. He is currently 40th richest man in the world with total net worth of around $16 Billion us dollars

#02. Stanley Kroenke Net Worth – $5.3 Billion (USD)

Team: St Louis Rams
Purchase: Full ownership in 2010
Forbest Richlist# 84

Real Estate business tycoon, Stanley Kroenke is the 84th richest man on planet earth according to forbes and he has quite a interest in american sports. He bought 40% stake in St Louis Rams in 95′ and took full ownership in 2010. He was also owner of teams in NBA and NHL but gave both to his son.

#03. Stephen Ross Net Worth – $4.8 Billion (USD)

Team: Miami Dolphens
Purchase: 95% stake holder, bought for $1.1 billion
Forbest Richlist# 94

Stephen Ross is 94th richest man according to Forbes annual list, he bought Miami Dolphens for $1.1 billion of which he purchase 50% shares for $550 while another 45% stake for $500 million. He is also a real estate tycoon and currently working on a big project near hudson river.

#04. Malcolm Glazer Net Worth – $4.6 Billion (USD)

Team: Tampa Bay
Purchase: $195 million in 1995
Forbest Richlist# 103

Malcolm Glazer bought Tampa Bay Bucs back in 95 for around $195 million and that was a sound investment as currently same team values at around $1 billion usd. He also went global and bought one of the richest teams in the world, Manchester United a english premier league club.

#05. Shahid Khan Net Worth – $3.5 Billion (USD)

Team: Jacksonville Jaguars
Purchase: $700m in 2012
Forbest Richlist# 122nd

Shahid Khan a Pakistan born, American entrprnour bought his first sports team Jacksonville Jaguars in 2012 for around $700 million. Though that investment has gone well as they ended up with the record of just 2 wins and 14 losses. He also bought Fulham in English Premier League for $300 Million.

#06. Jerry Jones Net Worth – $3 Billion (USD)

Team: Dallas Cowboys
Purchase: $150 Million 1989
Forbest Richlist# 166th

Jerry Jones made his way to the top of the ladder in terms of wealth back in 1970’s with his oil business. He bought Dallas Cowboys for $150 million which now values at NFL’s most valuable team at $2.3 billion and has been the most successful one with three super bowl wins.


#07. Joan Tisch Net Worth – $2.7 Billion (USD)

Team: New York Giants
Purchase: 56% stake inherited for late husband
Forbest Richlist# n/a

Joan Tisch owns 56% stake in New York Giants and they are quite a successfull team in the last 7 years or so. Her hunband the orignal owner of the team died back in 2005 and she along with her son became the majority stake holders of the team.

#08. Robert Kraft Net Worth – $2.6 Billion (USD)

Team: New England Patriots
Purchase: $175 Million in 1995
Forbest Richlist# 194

Kraft bought New England Patriots in 1995 season for around $170 million which turned out to be the best investment he would ever make, team now values at $1.8 billion

#09. Bob McNair Net Worth – $2 Billion (USD)

Team: Houstan Texans
Purchase: 79% stake ($800)
Forbest Richlist# 275th

#10. Arthur Blank Net Worth – $1.6 Billion (USD)

Team: Atlanta Falcons
Purchase: $545m in 2002
Forbest Richlist# 327

Arthir Blank is the 327th richest man in the world with total net worth of $1.6 Billion USD. He bouth Atlanta Falcons back in 2002 for around $550 million and since than they have become solid unit in NFL.


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