Top 15 Rishest Golfers Of All Times (2014 Golf Richlist)

by Sameer Arshad | Posted on Monday, January 6th, 2014 | 1


1 Arnold Palmer Net worthArnold Palmer 84 USA $675M
2 Tiger Woods NetworthTiger Woods 38 USA $590M 
3 Greg Norman net worthGreg Norman 58 Australia $300M
4 Jack Nicklaus net worthJack Nicklaus 73 USA $280M
5 Gary Player Net worthGary Player 78 South Africa $200M
Phil Michelson NetworthPhil Michelson 43   USA $180M 
7 Fred Couples Net WorthFred Couples 54  USA $105M
8 Vijay Singh Net worthVijay Singh 50  Fiji $70$
9 Ernie Els net worthErnie Els 44  South Africa $70$ 
10 Jim Furyk net worthJim Furyk 43  USA $50$
11 Sergio Garcia net worthSergio Garcia 33  Spain $40$
12 Lee West Wood net worthLee Westwood 40  England $40$ 
13 Adam Scott net worthAdam Scot 33  Australian $40$ 


One of the greatest sport in the world and it is also the highest paying individual sport where athletes can still keep going at the age of 50. If you grew up in the 90’s and 2000’s for you Golf is Tiger Woods and to some extend that is the case. He is the highest paid sports athlete in the world according to the annual list of Forbest magazine. His total net worth is beleived to be more than $600 Million while his 2013 yearly earnings were $78 Million which included only $13M in golf winnings and $65 million in endorsement deals.

We take a look at the top 15 richest golfers in the world and their net worth include money from everything they have been involved. Like Arnold Palmer who is considered the greatest golfer ever is 84 year old but he still makes money through post golfing ventures like his very own golf competition Arnold Palmer Championship, his golf cources and much more his net worth is beleived to be somewhete around $700 million.

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