Top 10 Richest Figure Skaters of All Times

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One of the most elegant and spectacular sport or we should call it “art” is figure skating which is the most watched event in winter olympics and today we are going to take a look at some of the greatest figure skaters of all times and rank them in order of their wealth. Skating is a sport which defy gravity and physics, these highly talented athletes don’t get the recognition of other sports but their skill and art is as good as any other sport if not better. moreover this is a skill which needs pure hard work, dedication from childhood and some god given talent and combine all these attributes which practice and long hours of practice is what required to get to the top-level in this sport.

What is interesting is Figure skating athletes makes more money doing personal shows, tv stuff and a movie performance here and there. Their prize money of winning medals or world championship is not enough and most of successful figure skaters go onto make name for themselves by doing their own shows around the world. So lets take a look at top 10 richest figure skaters in history of sport.

1. Scott Hamilton Net Worth – $25m

Perhaps the most talented and decorated figure skater in the world, Scott Hamilton has won many things in life but not more important than the battle against cancer. He won four back to back US National championships, World championships and 1994 olympic gold medal as well.

2. Kristi Yamaguchi Net Worth – $18m

Kristi was one of the most talented female figure skater, she won olympic gold in 1994 and won many world championship titles. After retiring from professional figure skating she became TV star and appear in many shows, did a couple of movies and won “dancing with the star reality show.”

3. Brian Boitano Net Worth– $15m

You talk about controversies, you talk about Brian Boitano. He has recently announced that he is gay but he had a successful career where he won 1988 winter olympics gold, World Championship medals twice and US National Skating event. Now retired he still appear on tv shows and might be analyst for winter olympics in Sochi 2014.

Kim Yuna Net Worth4. Kim Yuna Net Worth – $15m

Kim Yuna is south korean icon when it comes to figure skating, she has been on top of her sport in last few years and will be going into the winter olympics as one of the favourites. She has a huge list of endorsements deals to her name including the likes of Samsung.

5. Johnny Weir Net Worth– $10m

Johnny Weir is the one of the most talked about athletes in terms of his sexual preference, he is openly gay and started career when he was just 12 years old. He won World Championship gold medal and was part of US winter olympic squad.

6. Michelle Kwan – $7m

Michelle is the daughter of immigrant, she started skating at very early age and won silver and bronze medal in 1998 and 2002 winter olympics respectively. She became the face of skating in United States and got many endorsement deals under her belt. Her career did not last as long as should/could have because of injures.

7. Nancy Kerrigan Net Worth – $7m

One of the biggest controversies in the US sports was when Nancy Kerrigan was injured on purpose by competitor Tonya Harding husband, but even after the incident she did went on to participate in the 1994 winter olympics and win the silver medal in olympic games.

8. Dorothy Hamill Net Worth – $5m

The orignal “America’s Sweetheart.” Dorothy was one of the most successful figure skater of her generation. In fact she gave a new life to the sport and won Olympic medal and World Championship back in 1976. She was part of Romeo & Juliet On Ice in 1983 movie and that too did not go unnoticed as she won amy award for her performance.

9. Tara Lipinski – $4m

In Olympics back in 1998 figure skating event, Tra Lipinski won the gold medal and her career took off from there. The girl was magic, she was so good and accomplished so much from the sport that at the age of just 15 she retired. Had she been active for another Olympic she would have doubled or event earn more than 4 times what she earn in short career.

#10. Tonya Harding Net Worth – $10,000

The last but not the least, most controversial figure skater in the history of sport. Tonya Harding started her pro career in sport back in 1980’s, she won American National Figure skate championship twice before she went on to become a house hold name in USA. She made a lot of money but when he was involved in an attack on other female skater the USFSA, USA Figure skating authorities banned her from sport, stipped all of here medals and she went on to do some stupid stuff outside of sport like sex-tape, boxing and some other nasty stuff. That is why her total net worth is so low compared to others.

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