Top 10 Richest British (English) Footballers – 2014 Rishlist

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1 Richest Premier League playersWayne Rooney £45 M £16 M £250,000
2 Rio Ferdinand Salary 2014Rio Ferdinand £37 M £6.5 M £115,000
3 Lampard Salary 2013Frank Lampard £31 M £7 M £125,000
4 John Terry Salary 2014John Terry £29 M £9 M £175,000
5 Steven Gerrard SalarySteven Gerrard £29 M £7.5 M £140,000
6 Joe Cole Net WorthJoe Cole £22 M £4 M £90,000
7 ashley Cole net worth salaryAshley Cole £20 M £6 M £120,000
8 Michael Carrick Net Worth SalaryMichael Carrick £16 M £4 M £80,000 
9 ashley Young net worthAshley Young
£13 M £5.5 M £90,000
10 James MilnerJames Milner  £13 M £5 M £90,000


Today we bring you the list of top 10 richest English/British footballers playing their trade in england’s top flight. David Beckham is undisputed king in terms of money but he is retired and we move on to other up and coming stars in Premier League, well not really. Top 10 richlist from wealth-x magazine put the usual suspects of english footballers on top.

Wayne Rooney earns a reported 250,000 GBP a week which nets him around 17 Million GBP a year if we combine his endorsement earnings with many brands like Nike, EA Sports Gillete and many more. He is 28 year old and bound to increase his net worth to more than 50 Million in a years time.

Than we have some usual suspects of english football with the likes of Lampard, Terry Gerrard who are just behind Rio Ferdinent who is a season campaigner. He has many business ventures like resturant Rosso, #5 Magazine etc.

Surprise inclusion is of Joe cole who has a net worth of 22 Million, he was sold by Liverpool to West ham. Cole owns his very own promotion company as well as many other property based ventures.

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