Richest Boxers of All Times Past and Present

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Richest Boxers In History
1 Floyd Mayweather $300m He is the richest in Forbes sports rich list, Earning around $90 Millions in last 1 year with his two fights, up next is Canelo fight which will pocket him around $75 Millions alone
2 Oscar De La Hoya $200m A big name boxer who turned professional promoter after a highly successfull boxing career. De La Hoya earned his wealth through boxing fights and is main guy of Golden Boy Promotions
3 Sugar Ray Leonard  $120m  Sugar Ray Leonard Is one of the fines boxer in boxing history, he earned quite a lot of money through boxing fight after retiring he worked as commentator, and appeared in several movies over the years. Net worth is around $120.
4 Manny Pacqiuao  $100m According to Forbes, he is the 2nd highest paid athlete in the world just behind Mayweather, his stock has falled a bit after couple of losses but If he does fight mayweather in future he will be making $80 in that fight alone. Worked in few movies, released a music album.
5 Vitaly Klitschko  $65m Dr. Ironfist they call him, and has successfully defended his heavyweight title in the last 10 years and his fights in Europe are sell out everytime he steps in the ring. Run couple of side business with his brother Vitaly, Networth Is $65 Millions
7 Lennox Lewis  $60 He is english fighter, who defeated some of the fines boxers of his generation, he earned his wealther through Boxing fights and after retiring he works as commentator on major boxing channels and has his own boxing promotion company.
 8 Muhammad Ali  $50m Born as Cassius Marcellus Clay, the greatest boxer of all time. Earned his $50 networth through some of the greatest boxing fights, while he became muslim and was an expert after retiring, got parkinson and still his brand Name Muhammad Ali rack him up money.
9 Roy Jones Junior $45m Florida born professional boxer won titles in many classes and still regarded as one of the finest in the history of sport of boxing. Earning his wealth through Boxing fights and endorsments
10 Bernard Hopkins  $40m Hopkins is a house hold name in boxing, have won 51 of his 60 fights and still going strong in his career at the age of later 40′s, he is also working as Promoter with Golden Boy which helped net him increase net wealth
11 Ricky Hatton
$40m British boxing sensation, probably the last super start to have come from UK who made headlines all around. Reportely earned $15 million from Mayweather fight.
12 Wladimir Klitschko  $35m  Brother of Vitaly Klitscko,who like his brother have dominated the heavyweight division. The klitschko  brand is very impressive and his record just like his brother speak for itself
13 Freddi Roach  $34m Freddie Roach was a boxer who turned trainer after parkinson forced him to retire, and he has worked with some of the best boxers of this generations earned his wealth mainly through coaching Pacquioa, Khan, Alvarez
 14 David Haye $31m Another English fighter in heavyweight division, David Hayeis big name in boxing, retired but came back to the ring against Derek Chisora. Haymaker brand is going strong as ever
15 Juan Manuel Marquez  $30 Juan Manuel Marquez defeated Manny Pacquioa with a knock out last year, and now he will be fighting timothy Bradely his Net worth is beleived to be around 25 millions
 16 Prince Naseem  $28m British born middle-east boxer who was famous for his antiques both inside outside the ring. The proper entertainer.
17 Flix Trinidad $27m Former middleweight champions from puerto rico. his total networth was believed to be around 27 million
18 Joe Calzaghe $21m Welsh boxer who has estimated networth of around $21 million. widely regarded as pride of wales
19 Miguel Cotto $18m Miguel Cotto earned his biggest purse last year against a fight with mayweather, which neted him around $10M, while he also had fights against the likes of Mosley, Pacquioa which earned him substantial amount of money
20 Antonio Margarito $16m Another big name in boxing in the last decade, foght some of the most high profile and controversial fights in his career, His fight against Miguel Cotto and the rematch, and against Manny Pacquiao were his big paydas
 21 Timothy Bradley $15m Timothy Bradely defteat Manny Pacquioa couple of years ago, now he will be fighting Juan Manuel Marquez and his stock his going up and a win agains Marquez will get a him a fight against mawyeather Jr
22 Sergio Martinez  $15m Argentina Boxer Martinez has been a very successfull boxer and won several title fights in multiple categories and famous for knock outs he has earned his 10M net worth through boxing and endorsments in Argentina.
23 Saul Alvarez $10m Saul Alvarez will be fighting Mayweather in September 2013 and that will be his biggest payday to date, his current networth stands at 15 Millions which will surely increas regardless of the result in the fight against Mayweather
24 Amir Khan $8.5 English born Pakistan boxer, Amir Khan is one of the most exciting boxer of this generation and he is a big hit in UK, his fights a sell out mostly, his net worth is believed to be around $15 including his endorsment deals with Adidas and several watch companys
25 Laila Ali  $8m Daughter of Muhammad Ali has had a maginificent career in Women boxing, with 27 of 27 fights she was part of and had couple of high profile fights. Now she is a TV host on big american TV Channel.
26 Carl Froch  $8m  Froch defeated kessler recently in UK, and he has upped his stock in the recent years currently his net worth is around 15Millions which will Surely increase in the futre as he is supposed to fight Andre Ward

Highest paid boxers ?

One name comes to mind and that is Floyd “Money” Mayweather who is a money making mechine with his unbeaten career and all the boxers in his category lined up in the que for a fight and their biggest payday by fighting Floyed mayweather, but who is the richest in boxing business in making money overall inside the boxing ring and outsite. Here is the Too 25 Richest boxers of all time or boxers turned promoters.

We have researched all the sources like Forbes, Sports Illustrated and much more in order to get the most accurate results, some of the past boxers income comes from other side businesses as well, like De La Hoya earned more money outside the eing than inside, and many other also have endorsment deals which impact on the net worth and their spending pattern.

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