Richard Sherman Net Worth

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Richard Sherman Salary 2014Richard Sherman Net Worth: $2.5 Million 

2013 Earnings: $1 M  (Forbes)
Salary/Winning/Bonuses $555,000
Endorsements Earning: $500,000
Mahor Brands:  Beats by Dre headphones, Nike
Sport: NFL (Football)
: 25 years

The 2014 Super Bowl winners Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman broke into fame after his recent post game interview rant, where he declared himself as one of the best footballers in american national league and if we go by the numbers we can see that tguy got a point. He was sensational throughout 2013 season and is a bargain it just a mere $550,000 salary a year.

Richard Sherman Current Seahawks Contract Details
Year Contract lenth Base Salary Signing Bonus
 2011  Signed 4 year deal $375,000 $45,606
2012  Year 2 $465,000 $45,606
2013 Year 3 $555,000 $45,606
2014 Year 4 $1,389,000 $45,606
2015  Free Agent


Richard Sherman Endorsment Deals:

Yearly income from Endorsment Deals$500,000 a year

Richard Sherman current endorsement deals include a “Beats by Dre headphones” deal plus a small Nike contract where he makes appearences in Nike commercials alongside some of the big names of NFL.

But his agent claims that after his ill fated rant on live TV about him being the best corner back in the game has opened many doors for future endorsement deals. Take a look his live rant on tv.

Recent Richard Sherman Post Match Interview (Rant)



Kevin Sherman, father of Richard Sherman is a garbage truck driver for 26 years and even his son’s recent success he don’t want any financial help from his boy. He wakes up every moring at around 3:45 AM to get to his job and according to him its just a few years left to retire.

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