NFL Referee Salaries 2014

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NFL Referee Salaries

NFL is the most profitable professional sports league in the world, NFL can make around $9 Billion in a single season while that yearly revenue might jump to $14 Billion in the next 5 years. 50% highest paid players in Forbes athlete richlist are from American Football (NFL) which says somthing. But what about the NFL refs ? how much do they earn ? all the attention came down to refs in 2012-13 season when Referee’s decided to protest against lower wages and the lockout resulted in NFL meeting the demands of professional refs and now their average salary is pretty handsom and we are going to take a look at how much the NFL referee’s are getting paid.

NFL Refs Average Yearly Salary
Year Rookie Average veteran
2012-13 $50,000 $149,000 $160,000
2013-14 $78,000 $173,000 $205,000
by 2018 $210,000


Why the NFL Referee Strikes happened ?

Well NFL refs would like to get paid as much as the other sports league refs such as MBL and NHL are getting paid. When the strike happed in 2012-13 season NFL refs were making on average $149K a season but if we compare their season salaries to other sports counterparts like for example Major Baseball League ref can make around $400,000 a year which is double what NFL ref gets paid. So they went on a strike (lockout) for a couple of months and NFL had to bring replacment referee’s and as you can imagin things did not work out (couple of very bad calls) and NFL reached the labour contract with NFL Referees.

What is the new contract ?

Now NFL and Referee union has agreed on a deal where referee will get 5-11% increase in yearly wages depending on seniority which will take average salary of refs to $200,000 a year as compared to current $179K a season.

Are NFL Referee’s Part-Timers ?

Yes, as absurd as it sounds NFL Refs work as part-time and they also have other fulltime jobs elsewhere. Though under the new contract with NFL and Referee union, NFL will start to recruit full time official in very near future.

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