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Ever wondered how much do these NFL Cheerleaders get paid ? lets take look at the average salary of a Cheerleaders in American Football. First off, cheerleading has been part of NFL for around 50 years and itself is a sport and has been growing in USA with more than 3 Million cheerleaders around US. But what is a big misconception that cheerleaders are rich and wealthy young women and today we are going to explain how much these Cheerleaders makes per game, monthly or yearly contracts.


Avg Income Season Per Match Off The Pitch
Amatures  $1200 – $1500  $80 – $100 Depends on experience
Elite $2000 – $2500 $100 – $200 Possibility of hooking players !


How much do they earn ?

Generaly it differs from team to team, but on average a cheerleader earns around $70 to $90 per game and some of the elite cheerleaders who has couple of years experience of being cheerleaders can get monthly contracts which can range from $300 to $600 again depend from team to team and the kind of experiences they have and the average income of around $1000 to $1500 per season plus some appearences bonuses off the pitch.

Off the pitch Paid Appearences
While there are many oppertunitues for NFL cheerleaders to use the plateform, make contacts and move on to bigger and better things. But untill they are cheering for the team they can also get paid apperences which can help bolster their pocket money.

Misconeptions & Facts:
Teri Hatcher who is one of the big stars in American TV series “Desperate House Wifes” she makes around $280,000 per episode for her role in the series, she is a former Cheerleader who was with the San Francisco 49ers cheerleading squad.

But the concept of every cheerleading living a luxury life and rick is not true, cheerleaders are mostly students who are working in the sport as part time and some of the them are working mothers who take it as 2nd job.

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