Shaquille O’Neal Net Worth – Total Career Earnings House & Cars

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shaquille o'neal Salary 2014Shaquille O’NealNet Worth : £300 million

Yearly Income: $30 million (Forbes)
Salary/Winning/Bonuses $20 million a year (Forbes)
Endorsements Earning: $10. Million
Mahor Brands:  VitaminWater, Burger King, Kraft Foods, Pepsi, Comcast, Radio Shack,
Sport: Basketball (NBA)
: 41
Forbest Richlist: 52nd Highest Paid athlete in World

The big shaq is one of the biggest names in American sports for more than 2 decades now, 7’1″ tall American basket ball player had earned it all in his career through his professional sports contracts to endorsement money. Today we take at how he earned his net worth which is reported to be more than $300 Million. Shaq joined Los Angeles Lakers for a contract worth seven year $121 million deal, they won the title in 2000 he moved on to Miami Heat with a $100 million contract for 5 years.


History of Yearly Salary Shaquille O’Neal:

 Year Salary
1993  $3 M
1994  $3.9 M
1995  $4.68 M
1996  $5.6 M
1997  $10 M
1998  $12.76 M
1999  $15 M
2000  $17.56 M
2001  $19.22 M
2002  $21.11 M
2003  $23.34 M
2004  $24.56 M
2005  $27.10 M
2006  $20.00 M
 $20.00 M
 $20.00 M
 $21.00 M
 $20.00 M
 $1.35 M
 $1 M
2013  $1 M
Total Career Salary  $292 Millions


Shaquille O’Neal Endorsement Money:

His long career was fruitfull money was in the court but off it he earned even bigger chunk of his income with huge list of endorsement deals and tv apperences plus a couple of movies to his name.

His endorsement deals with brands like VitaminWater, Burger King, Kraft Foods, Pepsi, Comcast, Radio Shack and Reebok earned him around 15 Million a year now retired at the age of 41 he got himself into the property business and through his early success of business ventures it is easy to say that he will be a billionair pretty soon.

Shaquille O’Neal House/Jets/Cars:

Now lets take a look at where do he spend his money, it ranges from massive mansions, houses and apartments to private jets and luxury cars.

  • Mansions/Houses

Villa Stella in Miami:
Worth: 24 Million

Shaq’s Florida home
Worth: unknown

Shaq’s Private Jet:

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