Carmelo Anthony Net Worth

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Carmelo Anthony 2014 SalaryCarmelo Anthony Net Worth: $75 million

2012-13 Earnings: $30.9 M (Forbes)
Salary/Winning/Bonuses $21.4 M
Endorsements Earning$9.5
Mahor Brands: Nike, Samsung, Starwood, Delta, Footlocker, Powercoco
Sport: NBA (Basketball)
: 29
Forbes Richlist:
#27 The World’s Highest-Paid Athletes

Camelo Anthony came of age in 2012-13 season and helped his team New York Knicks win the palyoff series first time in last 13 years, his on the field success followed off the field as well. He got many endorsement deals after finishing 3rd behin Lebron James and Kevin Durant in NBA Most valuable player. While he sold more NBA Jerseys than anyone else plus his signature shoes were sold more just behin Kobe and Lebron James. Now lets take a look at his career salary history year after year.

Carmelo Anthony Salary History
Year Salary Team
2003-04  $3,229,200 Denver Nuggets
2004-05  $3,471,360 Denver Nuggets
2005-06 $3,713,640 Denver Nuggets
2006-07 $4,694,041 Denver Nuggets
2007-08 $13,041,250 Denver Nuggets
2007-09 $14,410,581 Denver Nuggets
2009-10 $15,779,912 Denver Nuggets
2010-11 $17,149,243 New York Knicks
2011-12 $18,518,574 New York Knicks
2012-13 $19,450,000 New York Knicks
2013-14 $21.400,000 New York Knicks


Carmelo Anthony Endorsement Deals

Carmelo Anthony took his career to next level when he joined New York Knicks, since than his on the pitch performances has soared which result in many endorsement deals coming his way. But he is still off the pace when compared to the likes of Lebron James and Kobe Bryant but he is taking endorsement deals with different approach.

He prefer partnership with brands rather than one off endorsement deals. Under his belt are endorsement deals with the likes of Samsung US, Nike, Delta, Powercoco and Locker Room. While his recent “Degree deodorant” deal is also part of his huge portfolio of sponsorship deals.

His partnership where he will earn part of stake with “Haute Time” a luxury watch publishing online mag. Pretty cool investment that without having to pay off anything for the stake, but the name. While Wade also have such deal with Chinese shoe maker Li.Ning.

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