Most Expensive Sports Professional Contracts

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Most Expensive Contracts in Sports History

Ever wondered which sports athlete signed the longest (largest) Sports Contract ? well here is your answer to that as we have compiled a list of longest sports conrtacts which are mainly comes from “team sports” or auto racing. These are professional contracts signed by players for their services in perticular sport and not included anything like endorsement deals or bonuses.

Alex Rodriguez New York Yankees Baseball 10 years (2008–2017) $275 Million
Alex Rodriguez
Texas Rangers Baseball 10 years (2001–2010) $252 Million
Floyed Mayweather  ShowTime Sports Boxing 02 Years (2013–2015) $180 Million
Albert Pujols Los Angeles Anaheim BaseBall 10 years (2012–2021) $240 Million
Kimi Räikkönen Ferrari Formula 1  3 years (2007–2009) $153 Million
Lionel Messi  Barcelona Football  8 Years ( $148 Million
Michael Schumacher Ferrari Formula 1  4 years (1996–1999) $124 Million
Cristiano Ronaldo  Real Madrid Football  6 years (2009–2015) $102 Million


Alex Rodriguez
Team: New York Yankees
Length: 10 years (2008–2017)

Alex Rodriguez signed one of the biggest sports contract in MLB history when he left Texas to join New York Yankees for a 10-year, $275,000,000 contract, his prevous long term contract was with Texas which was around 10-year, $252,000,000. Now at the twilight of his career he still the face of MLB and regarded by many the great Baseball player ever.


Floyd Mayweather
Team: Showtime Sports
Length: 2 years (2013–2015)

The money making mechine, Floyed Mayweather signed one of its kind contract with Showtime network, which is worth $180 Million for two years where he is supposed to fight 6 times in, two fights already done while he is scheduled to fight Canelo Alvarez next month.


Messi richest football player in the worldLionel Messi
Team: Barcelona
Length: 8 years (2008–2016)

Lionel Messi signed a contract extension with FC Barcelona making him one of the highest paid players and he reportedly earn $148 Million in 8 years, $18,600,000 a year, while that is approximately $500,000 a game.


Ronaldo Twitter FollowersCristiano Ronaldo
Team: Real Madrid
Length: 6 years (2009-2015)

Cristiano Ronaldo is one of the most marketable athlete on planet and Real Madrid paid around $100 Million for his services to Manchester United, while his personal contracts worth around $102,000,000 for 6 years.


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