Max Kellerman Net Worth

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Max Kellerman salaryMax Kellerman Net Worth – $6 million
Yearly Income – $1 Million
Sport: Boxing Analyst
: 40

Max Kellerman has a masters degree in History and he started his professional career as a boxing analyst and presenter on radio, soon moved to ESPN where he was part of the team which covers “Fight night friday’s” He became a pretty solid analyst and someone who fans like to see. His move to HBO PPV events was a the turning point of his career where he covers Pay Per view events as an analyst and also covers All access episodes of big fights from time to time.

TV and Movie Career ?

He has his own show “Max Kellerman show” on tv while he also appeared in “Rocky Balboa” for a short appearence. Now he is part of many fights pre and post fight interviews. Another movie where he was part of was “The Wedding Bout” where he played his actual self in the movie.

Did Max Kellerman ever boxed ?
No, from the start of his career he was part of boxing presentation, and analyst etc. He has never boxed not even in amature level.

Salary ?

How much Max Kellerman is paid ? this is undisclosed, but one thing we are sure that he makes more money than your average boxer. Which is kind of odd. Now he is fast becoming face of bigger fights on HBO and they should be paying him alot of money.

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