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Lee Chong Wei Career EarningsLee Chong Wei Net Worth – $15 million 

2012-13 Earnings: $967,350 (Forbes)
Salary/Winning/Bonuses – $787,350
Endorsements Earning: $180,350
Mahor Brands:  KDU Education Group , Samsung , Cafe 99 , Kespersky
Sport: Bedminton
: 30

By far the most successfull Bedminton player in recent history, Lee Chong Wei of Malaysia has been a big name both on and off the court in his native country. He also earn the highest amount of money in Bedminton scene in the world, and his 2012 earnings from salary/winnings accounts for about $787,350, while back in 2011 he made just over $450,000 from his bedminton winnings.

LEE Chong Wei Endorsements Deals:

Being one of the most famouse players in his sports, he gets many companies chasing him for endorsement deals and he signed couple of big deals with Samsung and Yonex his racket suppliers.

In Malaysia Lee chong Wei is the highest earning Malaysia athlete with yearly income raning from RM 5 Million to 7 million depending on his performances and endorsement deals.

His other sources of income includes the follwing ventures:

  • Badminton Academy
  • Autobiography/Books
  • Comics
  • Property investments


Lee Chong Wei Cars Collection:

So where do he spend his fortune ? well from his cars collection we can guess that he is a sports car enthusiast and have some of the finest cars under his belt. Lets take a look at his cars and vehicles.

#1. Bentley Continental GT1
Lee Chong owns a Bentley Continental GT 1 car, which is the most expensive in his collection.

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