Lance Armstrong Net Worth Career Earnings After Dopping Fiasco

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Lance Armstrong career earningsLance Armstrong Net Worth – $125 million  Before doping Fiasco
Lance Armstrong Net Worth – $50-$60 million  After doping Fiasco

Career Winnings/Bonuses – $12 Million
Endorsements Earning: $15 million a Year
Major Brands: Nike, SCA Promotions, US Postal, and many others
Sport:  Pro Cycling
: 42

One a hero and the greatest athletes in the world since turn of the century, Lance Armstrong got it all, he wont 7 Tour De France titles and hooked up major endorsement deals which reportedly paid him around $20 Million a year and even after his retirement he was making around $15 Million a year, but his admission of taking banned substances during his cycling career has kind of put his fame and net worth under real threat. His net worth was reported to be around $125 Million lets take a look at his career earnings, how he earned with winnings and Endorsement deals.


Lance Armstrong Career Winnings

Armstrong cyclying career has been such a hit that he made around $218 Million over the period of time, even after retirning he was still racking up $15 Million a year from public appearences and some other events plus his high profile endorsement deals.

Tour De France Prize Winnings

Lance Armstrong won around $3 Million in just prize money from his 7 wins in Tour De France titles, he is asked to pay it back after his allegations and admission of taking drugs.


Effects of Armstrong’s Dopping Admission

After all the things were said and done when Lance Armstrong told the world that he regret taking banned substance he lost around $30 in a single day with major sponsors like Nike Inc, Luxottica Group SpA, Oakley, Anheuser-Busch InBev NV all dropping him from the list of high profile endorsement deals.

Nike immediatly terminated his endorsement deals which was still paying hom around $5 Million a year after his retirment, plus they also cut all the ties with his charity orgnization Liverstrong.

Prize Money and Endorsement deal refunds cases:

Below are the details of the cases pending or done, where Armstrong is suppose to pay back the money he earned through prize money earnings and endorsement deals with major brands.

Prize Money & Bonuses – $12.5 Million
Short term endorsement deals – $30 Million
SCA Promotions: $8 Million

Nike never sued him, but they terminated his contract which will cut his yearly earnings, plus all his future public appearences money is gone to drain as well.


How Much Lance Armstrong Net Worth after dopping Fiasco

Since his net worth is reported to be around $125 Million before the fiasco, even with all the allegation of refunds and frauds he is likely to have enough in the bank to spend his rest of the life as a richman. Though he will recieve a major blow on his yearly income.

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