Kim Yuna Net Worth

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Kim Yuna Net WorthKim Yuna Net Worth$15 million
Yearly Income 2013-14 – $10m
Endorsement Earnings – $8m a year
Major Brands: Samsung, Korean Airlines, KB many south korean local brands
Sport: figure skater
: 23

Kim Yuna is the best ice skater in the world and that did not go un-noticed when it comes to signing endorsement deals. She has been the face of many local south korean companies over the years and since she won gold in Olympics, her prfoile got even bigger. Now she has her own sports management company which put together her skating shows not only in South Korea but also in Los Angles, USA. Forbes estimate her total yearly income to $10 million a year where majority comes from here long list of endorsement deals.


Kim Yuna Endorsement Deals:

Kim Yuna is by far the most marketable athlete from South Korea and she has been the face of some many companies over the years.

Kim Yuna’s most high profile endorsement is with Samsung where she has her very own mobile phone model which sold more than a million pieces. Apart from that she has been in many tv adverts for local south korean companies. She also has her book release which sold a 600,000 copies in 1 year.

Is Kim Yuna is the richest athlete in Winter Olympics 2014 ?

We did quite a research and we can say that she is one of the richest athlete participating in the Winter Olympics. Over the years she has been earning millions of dollars just in endorsement deals.


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