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Joe Flacco Net WorthJoe Flacco Net Worth – $45 million
2012-2013 Earnings- $36.8 M  (Forbes)
Base Salary: $35.9 M
Endorsements Earning$0.9 M
Major Brands: At&T, Nike
Sport:  NFL (Footballer)
Age: 28

Joe Flacco is one of the highest paid NFL players around in 2013-2014 season, the Super Bowl MVP signed a new $20 million a year contract. The new contract extension is worth $120 million for the next 6 years with Baltimore Ravens which also has #30 million in signing bonus. Forbes rate his yearly income to $38 Million making him the third highest paid NFL player and sits at the 13th highest paid athlete overall according to Forbes.


Joe FLacco 2013 Contract Details with Baltimore Revens

THe high profile extension includes maximum of $120 Million over the period of 6 years, while it also includes $29 signing bonus while $54 million is guaranteed and rest is subject to performance of Joe Flacco and the teams success. Here are the yearly details of the contract.

signing bonus – $29 million

Year 1 » $30 million

Year 2 » $21 million

Year 3 » $11 million

Year 4 » $18 million

Year 5 » 12.6 million

Joe Flacco Endorsement Deals:

Here is the details of his current and past endorsement deals which worth mentioning.

3 year contract from 2008 to 2011

Pizza Hut
Another sponsorship and on top of that Pizza Hut sold pizza named “Flacco’s Favourite”

Haribo Gold Bears
Recently endorsed a low profile product, Haribo Gold Bears and the company will pay him undisclosed fee.

Currently Flacco has a high profile deal with Nike but that contract details are not made public.

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